Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wildest Dreams

Wearing: Forever 21 blouse, Avenle plaid blazer, Shabby Apple polka dot tulle skirt, T-Shirt + Jeans bag, Forever 21 hat, Target tights, Vintage Stuart Weitzman heels.

It's been a while since I've actually really gotten dressed up, usually with school and work I don't really have time to put on what I actually want to wear, but rather I have to think simple about my outfits. Today I wanted to dress my true style, so I layered up in this colorful little outfit! I personally love how there is so much going on, but it's not too much. I've got everything from tulle, to polka dots, to plaid, with a big hat and brightly colored tights thrown in as well! I'm so obsessed with this skirt from Shabby Apple, and I especially love it with this plaid blazer from Avenle. Together, they're the perfect mix of menswear-inspired and girly! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beauty Review: Glamour Dolls Lip Color

*This post is sponsored by BrandBacker, however, all opinions and reviews stated are entirely my own.*

I was recently offered to try some lip products from Glamour Dolls, an adorable and cruelty-free cosmetics brand with makeup all under $5! I am obsessed with lip colors, and I love supporting cruelty-free brands, so I thought I'd get ready to write up my first beauty review! I am by no means a beauty guru so that's why I stay strictly to writing about style, but like I said, lip products are one cosmetic that I'm in love with so I was excited about this! 

Glamour Dolls sent over 7 lip products to try and also an black/purple eyeliner stick, which I'm wearing in all the photos and you can purchase here. I wasn't wearing any of the purple but the black was lovely and it stayed on all day! Also, before I start, I want to apologize for the lighting in some of the photos, it got all dark on me a lot earlier than I had wished... I hate daylight savings so much this time of the year! Anyways, on to the post:

The first color, "Juicy Melons" was one of my favorites, as I love the light peachy tones. It's a great everyday color, and showed up pretty well. The same goes for the other two colors, "Dolls Gone Wild" and "Karma", except the Karma color was a little splotchy and didn't apply very evenly. I didn't use a lip primer, so maybe that would've helped? Not sure. Beautiful color though! All of the lip creams also required a bit of time when applying, I had to go over my lips about 10 times to be able to see the color clearly. Throughout the day, re-application is also necessary, so if you buy the lip cream, keep it in your purse! Overall, for $2.99 each, I say why not! It's a great product for the price! 
For the "gloss snob" lip gloss, I tried the colors "Dollicious" and "Zombie Kiss". The Dollicious color applied well and it was a lovely pastel pink, but the Zombie Kiss was so hard to apply. As you can see from the photo, it doesn't look evenly applied at all. It was very messy as well, since it is such a dark color and the lip gloss was in a squeeze tube. Kind of unfortunate, since the deep plum color is so gorgeous, and it made me feel very Lorde lol! I gave up eventually on trying to get it all on evenly, but if you think you can make it work, it's only $1.99 so it's definitely worth a try! I also didn't think to use a brush which would've probably been a lot more helpful...told you I'm no good at makeup! I do however recommend the Dollicious color all the way!

Okay, now we're down to my least and most favorites. I tried the Kitty Kisses lip balm in "Hiss". Note that this is supposed to be a tinted lip balm. The color is supposed to be a dark plum color, in the tube it looks like the same plum color as the Zombie Kiss lip gloss in the previous photo. I applied it and really went over it about a good 10 times, yet the result was just the natural color of my lips. As for how well the lip balm is as far as staying on and being protective goes, five minutes later my lips went back to being pretty chapped, like they have been the past few weeks due to the windy, dry weather. On the other hand though, I tried the regular lip gloss in the "Wildflower" color, and it was great! I love the color and it stayed on pretty well, I had to re-apply once halfway through the day, but that was normal. I really recommend the lip gloss, it's only $3.99!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Casual Monday

Wearing: O'neill Women's "Brett" top, Others Follow utility jacket, East & Lo x Flying Monkey dark vintage slim boyfriend jeans, Elise M Collection druzy stone bracelets, Target booties (old), Forever 21 bag + hat (old). 

This morning I had to go to my 9:00 am class, and then after straight to work, so of course I slept in as late as possible, with about 30 minutes to get ready. I didn't touch my hair, kept my makeup to a minimum, and it was cold so I wanted to put a cute and comfy outfit together that would be perfect for class. I threw on my new top from O'neill which is so cozy and boho, along with my new favorite jeans from Flying Monkey via East & Lo. These slim boyfrend jeans are cuffed at the bottom, and they have the perfect slightly baggy fit. I threw on my new utility jacket from Others Follow, grabbed my go-to booties, hat and bag, and I was out! For some last minute detailing, I layered some colorful druzy stone bracelets from Elise M Collection along with a vintage bangle. I felt very casual (and I was super sleepy if you can't tell from the photos lol!) yet still looked like I was ready to take on the day!